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The A & N Islands are the mini India with a rich diversity of cultures, languages, religions and customs. Nothing pictures this better than Electoral Rolls of this UT. Presently, around 3,15,148 voters are enrolled in the UT, out of projected population of around 4.33 lakhs. The electoral profile comprises of 1,64,012 male voters & 1,51,132 female voters and 04 transgenders.

The Election department has been doing a wonderful job in maintaining Electoral Rolls, carrying out the summary revisions and special summary revision. The remoteness of islands poses major challenges in the activities of department, but these have been overcome, with the commitment and hard work put in by the officers and staff of the department.

Presently, IT infrastructure and IT support team are at a very minimum level and plans are in place for strengthening them at various levels. It is hoped that this will go a long way in effectively using resources of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in improving efficiency of operations of the department and bringing in transparency.

This website is an effort of the Election department to provide better delivery of services to the islanders. I would request the citizens of the Islands to view this website and provide feedback at email:

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